Text to Speech with Download During Covid Times, What Every Business Needs

Text to speech with download option is prevailing in the business sphere. What used to be an impractical feature in previous years is now the best method businesses can benefit from text to speech tools in all sections. Some text-to-speech applications are now introducing the download option as a feature. This feature is easy to use by businesses or individuals. You can work with the new feature as part of text-to-speech tools as it is set to avoid any confusion. 

The Voice technology market was valued at USD 2.0 billion in 2020 alone. By the time we hit 2026, it is estimated to peak at USD 5 billion. The demand is rising steadily in the text-to-speech market. Demands for standalone text to speech applications, and handheld equipment, as well as the fairly excessive usage of technology throughout all ages, is the key factor that drives the growth of text to speech with download. 

From a business standpoint, it’s important to note that business owners are demanding streamlined processes. They want a tool that could help elevate the communication experience in two directions: the communicative relationship between the company and audience / between the company and its internal staff. 

Both these aspects cannot be met if the company is using the old-school, outdated text-to-speech techniques for their voice-first digital environment. It is understandable how back in the day, text to speech was not common in the business industry. The reason is that it was first developed to serve visually impaired people. The sole creation of this feature was for humanitarian purposes. 

Even though the process was not as smooth and effective as it was in 21 century, it was still applaudable. The first introduction to text to speech was through acoustic-mechanical speech machines.  It was challenging and had complicated instructions to produce vowels and some consonants.

When you compare old speech recognition devices to new versions, you begin to understand how important accessibility is. The old version won’t stand a chance in today’s fast-paced routine. Therefore modern-day tech companies have created text to speech with download options that can serve the purpose in seconds.  The actual result is in the form of an audio file. 

Besides the quick and effective results when using text to speech with download, the need to use text to speech technology during the global pandemic is crucial to ensure people’s safety as well the ongoing business practices. In this case, using a product with an embedded text-to-speech chip will not be totally useful. It will be considered not abiding by the social distancing rules and could lead to serious consequences if used by many people at once. 

Use of Text to Speech with Download in Business Communication - Between Business and Audience- 

During Covid 19, some companies have faced challenges internally which resulted in a complete business shut-down. Many people have lost their jobs and business owners are now inactive. However, with the lower number of cases, businesses are now opening up again slowly with the intention of following a certain protocol to avoid any contact with the virus. 

Other brands have embraced the challenge and tried to come up with a crisis management plan. The process was not easy as most skilled advertisers which have been accustomed to changing their strategy to keep up with the ongoing changes have found it hard to communicate their thoughts to their audiences. 

Effective communication with customers is established using different approaches. These businesses can’t go around advertising their products in real life. Therefore, the most efficient strategy is to actually create meaningful videos using text to speech with download.

Communicate with Audience on a Personal Level

The first approach is to address customer concerns and communicate with them on a more personal and intimate level. Because of the strange times, we're living in, human interactions have decreased. People are glued to their TV and business is now done through zoom calls and google meet encounters. 

Therefore, the only means of communication available is through videos. Businesses can create explainer videos to ease customers' concerns. They can also inform them of any new or postponed releases( while also encouraging them to avoid panic buying). 

In normal cases, video marketing is usually using live-action videos with real people. During covid times, it’s impossible to make direct contact with people. The second-best option is to either create animated videos using text to speech with a download option or assign this particular task to one of the team members to record themselves.

Bring People Together - Remotely- 

This approach aims at encouraging people to view their own homes from a different angle. Being stuck at home can cause stress to many people with mental health issues. As a business, it is crucial to speak about challenges that may face people who are isolated at home or in their hospital rooms.

One of the examples of showcasing how a home can be your comfort oasis is a video produced by Ikea Spain.  Ikea Spain actually created a video advertisement with the message “#I’mStayingHome” as a movement to encourage people to view their homes from a wide angle. The video shows different people from all walks of life enjoying life at home. 

The first look into the video shows how it was shot professionally. You can conclude that many people have participated in the making of the video. The production was done on the first few days of the virus outbreak. However, you can always create a video using the very minimum tools you have as the most important aspect here is the message rather than the making of it.  

Professional content creators can create animated explainer videos. For the voiceover, you can always use text to speech with download to ease the editing process and come up with a banging result. Text to speech with download apps is great because they can be managed and added to whatever medium you desire. They are more efficient than having to purchase a tool that has text to speech built in just for a single medium. 

Business Communication During Covid Times - Between Business and Staff

2020 sought a decline in terms of jobs available due to many companies going bankrupt. But for those who survived the global pandemic, it must have taken an incredible amount of time and energy to keep up on track whilst everyone works from home. 

The digital industry is probably the only field that benefited from this crisis. Since most businesses and startups closed down their offices during the pandemic, they used other alternatives to engage the employees and get the job done at the same time. Zoom is probably the number one tool used by almost all businesses along with Skype for immediate, day-to-day communication. 

Text-to-speech with download can also help improve employees' productivity and the overall performance within a company. The key factor here is to know exactly when to use it. 

1- Stay on Top of your Work

Employees who work remotely may feel as if they don’t know all the details because they don’t receive instructions directly from their manager. However, it’s essential to always ask questions to be right on track. The best advice is to share what you worked on, and acknowledge what other co-workers have worked on.  It's also important to establish clear communication for different tasks. You can use multiple channels when communicating, but it’s necessary to use the most efficient one. 

When you have a huge amount of materials, and you‘re confused as to how you can deliver them to other employees, the best practice is to convert them into an audio file using text to speech with download. This option provides a download feature for easy transmission. You can use it to send meeting minutes, a list of tasks for a specific month, and so on. 

2- Keep your Motivation

Whether you work from home or the office, motivation is key. The environment does play a role when it comes to motivation. Shifting work from a professional setting in the office to a more leisure environment can affect people’s overall engagement. However, to avoid such obstacles, you can designate a certain time and space for your work inside your home. 

Business owners and managers in this case can help with the transition. Managers can send audio files generated from text to speech with the download that contains instructions to help employees; audio messages like day-to-day task requirements, descriptions of needed tasks, remarks that need to be changed, etc. This will help employees be motivated to keep working without the need to schedule any meetings or calls. 

3- Two-Way Communication

Well, communication means that two parties are involved in a setting. So saying that we should have two-way communication seems as if we are repeating what the notion already suggests. However, communication doesn't necessarily mean both parties need to be present at the same time for optimum results. 

This is evident when we talk about working during a pandemic. Initially, you’re working in your house, and with your laptop so direct communication is not apparent here. So how to ensure two-way communication with facing the person on the other side of your laptop? Text to speech with download. The latter can help you convert any written remarks or feedback to an audio file and download it straight away. You can send the audio file to your recipient easily. 

The format of the message is also helpful. Instead of reading a lengthy text, listening to an audio file can have a great impact on the transmission.

It is imperative to always remember that people are at the forefront of any business. Using text to speech with download will help employees focus on execution and measurement. It can also help transmit the right information to customers during one of the scariest times we have ever faced.