Video Translation Technology: The Coming of Age of Artificial Intelligence


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Translation is the literal aspect of it. However, a new wave of different translation concepts is starting to get recognized globally due to its impact. That is Video translation.

Video Translation in relation to the Marketing world … How valuable?

It is evident that the notion of Video Translation enables the communication between people from different backgrounds. It is the act of transmitting your ideas and knowledge worldwide through effective video engaging content. Also, transmitting them through the tailored language that best suits your audiences.

In the Video marketing context, the best way to establish a global audience is to have your videos translated by a professional service. However, a highly skilled translation process can often take time and energy.

Therefore, AI technology can be a huge saving in terms of efficiency and productivity improvement.

The rise of AI technology and the peak of Video translation 

Even though AI technology can seem unreliable for most people, statistics have concluded that the number of startup companies working in the various segments of the artificial intelligence market worldwide has been noticeable as of March 2016. 260 startups had been formed worldwide to work solely on machine learning for applications.

We can only predict that the results in 2020 have peaked tremendously.    


Video Translation in particular has also been acknowledged in the content strategy market. This technology can boost your organic reach. It can engage more people in your content rather than focusing only on a specific targeted audience. 

It can also make your content appeal more if you have made an effort to translate subtitles to different languages. 

As of 2019, 89 percent of the UK IT community felt that video audio translator and real-time translation technologies would experience high levels of change in the next ten years.  some of them suggested that artificial intelligence would see more development in this time period. 

Video translation in Action 

The popular demand for video translation apps has enabled researchers in the software industry to produce creative ways to implement this feature in their products. 

Some people may prefer to hire professional video translators. However, there are many who can not afford to do so. Time also plays a huge factor as human translation may take more depending on the content. 

That is why it is best to invest in a proper tool that can translate videos to English or other languages, translate Youtube videos and translate subtitles accurately and in a short timestamp.

For example,  it is best to produce a number of instructional and training videos with the help of automated translation for subtitles. This way you will convey the message to your audience and save both time and money. 

There are a plethora of ways you can use Video translation software in your marketing strategy to boost worldwide traffic.