Transform your Books to Audiobooks Using Text to Speech MP3

Millennials, also known as Generation Y are the number one popularity embarking in the audiobooks realm. With the help of technology, hardcover books have transformed into audiobooks using various techniques and practices. One of the practices that only emerged recently is the use of AI and text-to-speech MP3 features to generate audio files of any books possible in any language possible. 

Older generations might disagree with the whole audiobook practice. They even call out people for following “the bandwagon” for some time and dropping out. People who invest in audiobooks are called lazy and unappreciative of the whole reading experience. But the truth is that listening to an audiobook may have more benefits to the listener than the act of reading straight from a book. 

This information is proved scientifically. Audiobooks help increase reading accuracy by more than 50%. Audiobooks increase reading speed, teach pronunciation, and can develop accurate comprehension by 70%. 

For Text to speech MP3 as a standalone technology itself, scientists at the University of Hawaii confirmed after several researches and methods that text to speech MP3 software provides a steady pace of auditory and visual information of text for children who struggle with reading materials or have somewhat a slow and halting pace while reading. 

With the presence of such technology, why not use it in a more educational and beneficial aspect rather than following the same old, linear teaching method?

The same feature can also be of great service for all ages. In a fast-paced world where everything needs to be done at certain timing and people take on more responsibilities, professionals recommend using audiobooks rather than dropping the culture of reading books all at once. 

The audiobook industry is thriving with new technology. As people keep demanding more books to be converted into audiobooks, so is the number of mediums you can listen to with different applications in smartphones and Kindles from Amazon, Google, and more! The competition is strong but that’s just another view of audiobooks' popularity among people. 

So for people who claim that audiobooks are not for everyone, you can just point out that audiobooks are for people who can’t manage to read their usual book regularly. Audiobooks are made for people with commitment and can’t read enough, as in they don’t have the means to read as much as they would have hoped for. 

In the following portion of our articles, we will be giving you more proof of how you can count on audiobooks in any aspect of your life. You can use text-to-speech mp3 functionality to create your very own audiobook based on your favorite book. 

In What Ways Text to Speech MP3 in Audiobooks Can Help People?

1- Unmatched Convenience

The whole reason for creating this innovative approach to books is to allow people to listen to their favorite books on the go. No matter whether you‘re on a road trip somewhere, or running errands on a daily basis, doing your normal exercise routine, you can literally use audiobooks whenever possible. As Thomas Edison once predicted, technology will one day permit books to be heard. 

Thomas has stated that “Books may be read by the charitably-inclined professional reader, or by such readers especially employed for that purpose, and the record of such book used in the asylums of the blind, hospitals, the sick-chamber, or even with great profit and amusement by the lady or gentleman whose eyes and hands may be otherwise employed; or, again, because of the greater enjoyment to be had from a book when read by an elocutionist than when read by the average reader”

Students, workers, or people who are always on the move are in for a treat. Audiobooks with text to speech MP3 offers an opportunity for all the book lovers out there who just can’t possibly read throughout the day. It’s more convenient to have either your favorite novel, educational lecture, or any type of text you need to read in a text-to-speech MP3 format for easy access.

2- Optimum Knowledge 

Surprisingly enough, audiobooks can actually help with acquiring the necessary knowledge. One of the ways children can learn quickly is having a reading material backed up by an audio file of the same material. The act of following along while listening and reading the text at the same time is known to be the favorite method by children. Children are still building up their vocabulary list. They have yet to be independent enough to understand a text from the first read. 

Therefore, you will always notice that reading materials for children have always been attached with an audio file or a listening part. The process will help children familiarize themselves with new words, pronunciation, and a general understanding of the context. 

The same goes for people who are learning a new foreign language. Foreign language teachers recommend people who would like to learn a new language use both reading and listening skills. This way you will be able to familiarize yourself with different structures of a new language, vocabulary, and pronunciation, all in one setting. 

3-Time Management

The art of multitasking is usually one in which few people actually excel. When we speak about multitasking we are usually referring to doing two important tasks at the same time but that’s not always the case. Listening to your favorite books in the text-to-speech MP3 audio format is usually done in times where you can’t possibly sit down and enjoy your book. 

It can be seen as a soft brain exercise as you’re not required to make a huge effort to understand the topic. Your unconscious mind will ultimately understand what the book is about and you will be able to follow along with the storyline. In the meantime, you can do multiple tasks such as cleaning, exercising, driving, etc. 

This win-win situation will help you finish all your pending tasks while also making progress in your reading routine. 

4- Reduce Anxiety 

People who are usually immersed in negative thinking feel as if they were trapped inside a hole. Any minimum chance of escapism feels as if they are facing the whole world. With the severity of this mental health issue, many researchers have been trying to come up with ways in our everyday lives that could help people with anxiety feel a lot less neglected and somehow offer a sense of belonging. 

Since people who face anxiety or panic attacks usually prefer to stay at home, holding a book and reading however could be a heavy-duty to follow or stick to. Therefore, with an audiobook using text to speech MP3 which offers the possibility to choose your preferred voice, reading could be enjoyable again. 

Having a calming voice reading you a book can offer companionship. Furthermore, you become immersed in the storyline and your focus will multiply as you progress in your listening. Audiobooks can provide a distraction from the outside world. 

5- Enrich Imagination

Some people can be visual learners, some are more audio learners. For children who are more visual learners, audiobooks can actually help them understand a storyline without the need to refer to any drawing or images. Listening to a story will allow you to envision the characters according to your own standards and preferences. 

The beauty of audiobooks with text to speech MP3 is that you get to picture the scenery, the colors, emotions, expressions even though the plot is already set and confirmed.

The whole story will be based on your own imagination even though the story belongs to someone else. 

How to Prep your Text Material to Transform Into a Text to Speech MP3 Audiobook?

Audiobooks can be quite expensive depending on the type of book.  Publishing companies usually display audiobooks written by famous authors at a higher price tag. However, it’s important to understand that not every author can have the chance to transform their book into an audio version. The process is extensive and costly. 

Audiobook companies usually hire voiceover actors that demand expensive paychecks. They also need to pay them for a certain amount of time as recording the entire can’t be done in one day. With a lengthy book, the process usually takes a week. Then comes enhancing the voice rendition, deleting any background noises, and so on. 

As much as the outcome is arguably the best, it’s not always the most reasonable. Authors who fancy working with an audiobook company usually have the budget and the means. There’s also the fact that only bestseller books are the ones that get to be chosen to be recorded with a professional voiceover.

However, for people who want to benefit from a certain book for their education merely for their personal use, there is no need to invest in an audiobook company when you can do the job yourself. 

The perks of text-to-speech MP3 are endless. You can generate any book you would like using this technique and save money, time, and energy in the meantime. Voicely is a text-to-speech mp3 application that aims to transform any text into an audio file. The interface is user-friendly and streamlined, with no tech qualities needed. You can use Voicely as your text-to-speech mp3 tool for all your books. 

Preparing Content for Text to Speech MP3

This step is important for various reasons. Since you will be generating the audiobook yourself, you will need to have your written material ready to copy-paste to your text-to-speech MP3 tool. If you’re planning on transforming a certain novel, then you probably need to look for a PDF version online. 

The whole aim of using a text-to-speech MP3 tool is to save time. But if you spend time typing all your content and then generate your voice then there is no point in doing the whole process. 

Once you have a PDF format of your material, make sure to plan which part you would like to generate first. If you're working with a novel then the parts are already designated beforehand. You also need to mark where you would like to have breaks in between parts and sentences. 

Start your Text to Speech MP3 Process

For most text-to-speech tools, generating an audio file is easy. You just have to follow instructions delivered by each tool and you’re good to go. For the text reader Voicely application, all you need to do is choose the language you would like to generate your book into. You can select any of the voice choices available in the app and paste your content. 

The next step is to customize your text material. If you have prepped your text then this will be easy as you would have already figured out where to put breaks, highlight certain words, etc. 

Once that is done, all you need to do now is generate your voice. The process can take from 15 seconds and more based on text length. If you choose to generate different parts at a time for an easy editing process, you can merge all your audio files using Audacity 

Upload your Audio File to Audiobook Creation Exchange

You may want to upload your audiobook online for people to take advantage of. For that, you will need to upload your audiobook to Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX as most people know. Your audiobook will be available on Amazon and Apple audiobook store. You will be able to keep all audio rights, and ACX will only handle distribution procedures for you. 

In case you have created your audiobook for personal use, then you’re good to go. Text to speech MP3 allows you to download your audiobook to any device possible.