Using Text to Voice Tool For YouTube Can Brand Your Videos

It is evident that people open Youtube solely to watch videos. They either look for valuable information or entertainment. These elements can’t be met without text to voice technique. Content creators convert their ideas from text to voice to eventually create a Youtube video. 

Youtube is the world’s second-most visited website ever right after its parent company, Google. It’s also the world’s second-most used social platform right behind Facebook. 

People watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube per DAY! That’s quite an impressive number knowing that Youtube was founded only in 2005. 

Youtube has served as a platform for all things videos. Users can search for videos, create personal Youtube channels, upload their own videos, and create a community by subscribing to other Youtube channels.

For small businesses, startups, or any kind of profession, having a Youtube channel to create content allows you to connect to your audience. Your audience wants to get to know about your brand in a video format to check your dynamic, story, and passion.

You can also reach out to different audiences through Youtube’s Algorithm and profit from organic reach. Furthermore, you can also benefit your marketing strategy in terms of search engines by boosting your SEO and embedding your videos on different websites for more publicity! But first, we need to understand what elements contribute to an influential, ideal Youtube video. 

The top viral elements to a successful Youtube video lie in a branded intro footage, an attention-grabbing intro, lively background music (customized music is even better!), being audible, brevity, and a call to action.

Among these elements, being audible is the most crucial one. How often do we close a Youtube video if the content creator is either using a low voice or is surrounded by background noises that hinder the ultimate listening experience? I know for sure I have!

When you mention videos, two things come up to mind: visual and audio. If your visual is top-notch but the voice quality is bad, your video tends to be discarded and forgotten and vice-versa. 

This is why most Youtubers or video content creators are leaning towards using voice-over. The latter helps to reinforce the video message you want to convey. You can even count on having voiceover as the main layer in your video with certain aspects of either your product or service, without using any visual content. 

Text To Voice Technique in Youtube Videos

Why Using Voiceover Technique?

If you’re familiar with how-to videos, documentaries, video tutorials you will notice one common aspect.. the use of voiceover. These types of content rely mostly on an off-camera explanation that compliments displayed images/scenes. 

Using voiceover in videos enhances a sense of attachment and closeness with the creator. Whether it’s a narration by the content creator or simply a text-to-voice audio file generated by an online application, the familiarity of having the same voice throughout multiple videos is unrivaled.

Through this technique, content creators are focused on delivering accurate information and expressing their deep thoughts. The whole experience can be seen as if they are conversing with their audience. 

Text to Voice in Youtube Video Can Attract Viewership

You require Voiceover for Youtube videos for different reasons. The first one is the fact that voice-overs engage the audience. Imagine if you’re watching a documentary without any voice, you will probably understand a few concepts here and there with the help of visuals but you won’t get the full story. You won’t find visuals interesting unless they are accompanied by voice. 

Voice can also help evoke emotions. The research concluded that Voice-only communication increases empathic accuracy, that people often communicate their feelings through voice rather than any other senses. If you’re watching a wedding scene where everyone is playing games and dancing to music but in mute, you’ll most likely miss the overall joy and happiness perceived through sound. ( With an exception to meme movies with no sound but that’s another story).

The second reason is that Voice creates an identity for your brand/Videos. 

If you pay attention to any TV broadcast you will notice that each station adapts its unique tone. The same observation can be noticed in train stations, Radio, etc.

Brands also tend to focus on a particular voice/tone when advertising a particular product for people to remember and identify. 

Youtube videos are also required to have a significant voice which tends to brand your videos and establish loyal viewers. People will be familiar with your videos if you use the same tonality throughout your videos. So in case you land another job opportunity where voice plays a central role, people will be familiar with your voice. You will be able to create a fan base in no time.

Last but not least, the third reason why you should add a voiceover is to sound natural. Some YouTubers feel insecure about adding their own voice to videos. They even write scripts to make sure they follow a certain rhythm and remember all the points they should cover. Some can have a regional accent that can hinder viewers from understanding and following along with the video.

These problems are bound to happen. Therefore the only solution is to either hire a professional voiceover actor or invest in a text-to-voice application. The question is which one to opt for? 

Types of Voiceovers to consider in your Youtube video

Before considering which voiceover technique you should adapt to your Youtube video, you need to know first what kind of videos you would like to create.

Explainer videos are a great example that makes use of the voiceover technique. This type usually encompasses so much information and details so writing a script is crucial. The video is not necessarily taped but rather created using video maker software. 

Some content creators will narrate the text themselves, some will hire professional voiceovers and others will just take the simple route: Text to speech applications. 

For this particular example, a text-to-voice audio file can save so much time and money.  AI voice generators can transform any lengthy text to voice in a matter of seconds. 

On the other hand, if you’re creating a Youtube video where you try to incorporate many languages into one video, then you need a voiceover to narrate in a different language than your native one. These Videos can benefit your Youtube channel in different ways but mostly you will gain a far greater viewership. 

The first thought that comes to mind is to hire a bilingual voiceover actor. However, using a voiceover by a professional narrator will have a significant effect on the final price. If you’re an aspiring content creator you may find it challenging to attribute a certain amount of revenue to these videos, especially if this is the only content you will be posting to Youtube. 

Luckily, there are many alternatives that could help in these cases. You can have good-quality professional voiceovers at an affordable price. You can use Text to voice technique to generate the voice yourself in different languages. Let’s take an example of how you can simply generate a voice using Voicely, an AI text-to-speech application.


1- Add your text to the text box. 


2- Choose your text language. In case you would like to have different languages in one video, we recommend translating the content prior, then adding it to Voicely.

The application has more than 50 languages.