Text to Sound Convertor: Features, Benefits, Tips

Do you want to convert text to sound? Voicely brings to you a text to sound convertor that comes with innumerable features and benefits at an affordable, one-time cost.  


This voiceover text to sound converter has a bunch of benefits that will knock the socks right out of you. First, you can save money because it costs less than what it can cost to make a video sales letter. That amounts to a hefty sum of $500 to add a voiceover. Another benefit is that the Voicely helps increase your sales by encouraging the audience to take prompt action after watching the video. Through this software, you can target new markets, localize your video using a native-language voiceover, or use social media to advertise your video. Let’s have a look at the features Voicely has to offer. 


Voicely has a wide range of customization options 

There’s no need to hire a voiceover professional on short notice. That you do for videos where you want to show someone talking in front of the camera. What about videos that are animated or instructional videos or podcasts, and many similar types? Well, an automated text-to-sound convertor can do the trick, and save your time and money. 



Let’s look at some of the features available: 


  • Tonality – Voicely has a tone-setting feature, which means that you control the tone of the voiceover. This way, you can deliver the message in a tone that evokes a certain emotion. 

  • Sound speed – While you convert text to sound, you can decide how fast you want the video to run. If you want to make the video seem energizing and exciting, you can elevate the sound or harmonize it accordingly. 

  • Semi-tone and volume adjuster – You can even adjust the volume and pitch of the voiceover by adjusting the voices up to 20 semitones higher or lower. This feature allows you to reflect the level of enthusiasm your video needs to evoke. 

  • Sentence breaker – Voicely uses its intelligent online text to sound feature to identify and add breaks and punctuations wherever required in the voice-over. This sentence-breaking feature ensures that the audience identifies emotions like a joke, soberness, or even sarcasm in your message. 

  • Multiple accents & background music – You can grab the audience’s attention by selecting the appropriate accent and background music. 



Tips to use this text to sound convertor 

Once you buy the Voicely application, you can use it on your desktop by installing the program. After this step, you begin making your video: 


Step 1: Open the program and start using it by entering your desired text within the box that says, ‘paste your text here. 

Step 2: Choose voiceover options that suit the objective of your video, be it a female or male voice.

Step 3: Examine the voiceover selected by clicking on the ‘Generate TTS’ button.

Step 4: Customize the pitch, volume, speed, and other features. 

Step 5: Once you are done, you can export the final voiceover by clicking on the ‘Create Sound’ button. 


With this remarkable AI-powered tool, you can make video sales letters, educational videos, marketing videos, animated videos, and audiobooks, among other types.