Make personalized videos to share constructive feedback with employees without offending them

“Was my boss trying to be rude today?” It’s hard to say because the feedback was on text. Don’t leave your employees hanging and wasting time trying to figure out your tone.

Many organizations have found it convenient to communicate with employees online. Sharing the instructions and getting the work started is what the culture has boiled down to these days. However, effective communication still remains the top criterion among firms. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to build culture, bridge physical gaps, and eliminate miscommunication accordingly. 

Can’t meet in person? Allow videos to solve this problem 


Videos offer an engaging and lively approach that a simple text cannot do for you. Let’s face it, several texts are misunderstood due to the style of how they’ve been written. However, if you use a video to display the intended facial expression and use the right vocal intonations, it can do wonders for the communication. What’s more? You get the desired response. 

“But I was not trying to offend you” Many coworkers are pressed for time, and it’s likely that they might misread or misunderstand a certain text message. Let’s face it, feedback or reviews on work are never pleasant, especially when emailed or sent via text. It’s possible that the coworker or employee might think you’ve been rude and deliberately texted with the intention to be mean. You cannot spend the rest of your day clarifying such misunderstandings. 

That is where a text-to-speech converter might help streamline your day’s work.  


Let’s look at how a simple tool can make a huge difference. 

Text to speech converter fills the gaps 


Here are a few reasons why your firm will need the text to speech converter for a sound internal communications strategy. 


  • You can get rid of the problems that occur when important details shared online during video calls get lost in translation. 

  • Speaking with a person face-to-face, including a smile, a frown, pursed lips, thumbs up, or a peace sign can add value to the conversation. 

  • Emails, text messages, and so on can get missed in a crowded inbox. Videos increase your chances to be seen, heard, and understood appropriately. 

  • Briefs sent via long emails are lengthy and boring. We’re distracted people, but the only thing that seems to catch our attention these days is personalized videos. 

  • It’s more convenient to speak faster than typing, editing, erasing, and typing. With a personalized text-to-speech converter, you can talk faster, express yourself better and communicate effectively. 

  • Yet again, we mention feedback, which is usually unpleasant. Your goal is to get something corrected and not offend the person who has worked hard to deliver something to you. We’re all humans and mistakes help us learn. Let’s keep it that way – therefore, a video allows you to develop a more constructive method of sharing feedback. 


So, be the approachable employer with this simple text speech converter and gain the benefits of effective communication.