How Investing in Online Animation Character Creator Can Help Your Email Marketing Strategy

One of the key elements marketers pay attention to in their work strategy is email. A company with a well-executed email marketing campaign can attract both existing and potential customers. In addition to a catchy subject line and well-written email text, you can also invest in an online animation character creator. The latter will boost your customer retention rate and ensure successful relationship building.

Any type of business with a closer relationship with customers can establish a video email marketing campaign. The core target is always the customer. So having a connection between your customers and your company is crucial as it will serve both parties. 

You can set this connection by contacting your customers on social media platforms and providing them with effective customer support. You can also use webinars for more in-depth, detailed training sessions to explain certain features. Furthermore, you can inform consumers of any updates, new features, notifications through emails as well. 

Through these practices, your customers will acknowledge your work. You will increase the chances of being relevant and approachable. Therefore, when a potential customer is willing to purchase similar products, they will find your contact information accessible. 

However, with the increase of online brands and businesses comes also the increased number of emails. As email marketing is one of the old-school practices, most companies are using it without having prior research of the market they want to target. They are also unsure if email campaigns can work for their business or not!

The number of emails sent in 2020 is revealed to be more than 300 billion. A pretty impressive number knowing that many email alternatives were developed to ensure better communication and fast transition. The figure is increasing each year and by 2025, it is expecting to hit over 374 billion emails. 

This goes to show that email marketing is only booming as of late. Businesses need to come up with creative ideas that not only attract potential customers but also prevent people from unsubscribing from email addresses. It’s important to rethink new designs, approaches. A well informative, engaging animated explainer video by an online animation character creator may be the key to video email marketing success. 

Online animation character creator will allow you to do the same. Animated explainer videos are by nature entertaining and appealing. An effective animated explainer video is generally 3 minutes long ( or less). These videos have a high chance of viewership in the body content. Introducing an online animation character creator your marketing strategy will stir a curiosity as to what offers your business is giving or introducing. Seen as video can increase open rates by 19% and click rates by 65%, it’s no brainer that video is the next major email marketing strategy.

Benefits of Investing in an Online Animation character creator Video For Your Business

2020 has seen a huge shift in marketing strategies around the globe. People are now investing time and money in efficient campaigns that can boost traffic and conversion online.  Marketing strategies are also in the constant shift to meet the desired goal since this market is fast-paced and ever-changing.

An example of this shift is the increase in video usage. Video, regardless of its type, can help you set a particular brand for your business. Whether you invest in animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos, or even live-action videos, customers tend to engage with a brand that speaks to them. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working with an online animation character creator.

  • Videos entice conversion in a creative way

Enough of the same boring outreach techniques that can put down all potential effort to stand out aside. Animation video allows you to connect with your customers on a more creative approach than most businesses in their mailbox. This type of video is commonly used on a website’s homepage or on social media platforms. Few brands actually use it in their email marketing strategy which can allow your own business to stand out. 

  • Engage emotional connection with customers

Long were the days where the financial outcome is the core source of all businesses. You might think that this is a wrong statement as capitalism in the modern world has hit an all high rate. The statement is true. Companies in 21 century are forced to create a bonding relationship between owner and consumer. People are more interested in the humane side of a business rather than what it offers. 

If you’re a company that uses email as a direct communication tool with potential customers then you probably need to consider mixing your video content from time to time. You can send behind-the-scenes footage of a particular campaign. Moreover, you can create a video explaining a certain product’s procedure and how it was created from a simple idea to an actual product. It's best to use an online animation character creator for a more illustrative and expressive outcome. You’ll notice that those specific emails are much more relevant than your average content. 

  • Increase authenticity and build trust 

 You can create explainer videos to demonstrate how your products work besides having product descriptions sent to your customers in text forms. This will help your customers ( and potentially new people) put a face to your brand and trust that your brand is authentic and real.

By doing so, you will notice that the purchase rate of the demonstrated products is significant and noticeable. 

You can also share tips, VIP training videos, insights into product procedures, or simply entertaining videos. We recommend allocating special team members to appear in one genre of your videos. People will recognize that person over time and establish a personal relationship with the brand. 

  • Avoid recipients from sending your emails to trash

Businesses' worst nightmare is to feel ignored despite the continuous attempts to stay relevant. Imagine spending months building an email marketing campaign and writing valuable information to be sent to customers for it to not be read and sent directly to the trash. Some people even mark a few businesses as spam. Remember, the key to email marketing success is to stay relevant with the proper tool and minimum amount of emails. People hate getting spammed 20 times a day by the same email address. 

Simple, good-quality videos can help capture readers’ attention and reduce the probability of your email being sent straight to the abyss. You might also consider what your existing customers are asking you to cover. Customers may send you suggestions to create a training video of a newly created feature. They can also request to prepare an explainer video on a product's success story, and use that in your video email marketing. Customers will notice that their requirements are taken into consideration. 

Effective Ways to Using Videos from an Online Animation Character Creator in Email Marketing

 It is important to know what aspects within the email itself could be enhanced to ensure optimum results. It’s important to know the exact tool that will help you fulfill these requirements in order to give your business a fresh look and introduce new customers' conversion rates.

1- First look always matter- Add “ Video” to your subject line

People, in general, like short and concise emails. People appreciate emails with easy-to-grasp, straight-to-the-point content. So the best way to make your customers click on your email is to define what the email contains exactly in the subject line ( no need for clickbait). You can add the word “ Video” in bold or all caps at the very start of your email subject line to inform recipients about it. It’s also a great trick to distinguish your email from other emails in their mailbox. 

This trick will increase the open rates to your email between 7% and 13%. Consider emails as your pitch. You have one chance to avoid your email being sent to the trash. It's better to inform your recipients about receiving a video from the get-go. Even if people are not interested in your overall business, they will definitely check your email to know what type of videos you have included and what elements you have used in your video. They might as well convert to being one of your customers.

2- Now Onto the content- Embed Video in Email

You may think that adding a video to your email is easy work and requires no fuss. The truth is, this particular technique is not secure and not the best of ideas. Marketers advise to not embed the video in an email directly as many email services don’t support the technical aspects of videos. 

The proper way to do it is to embed the video into HTML5. The latter is the latest version of computer language the internet is actually built on. This version can only work in up-to-date mailboxes and executed by an experienced marketing team member who knows how to code. This might not be the easiest technique but it’s worth trying. 

3- There’s always a second chance - link your video to a thumbnail

One way to add videos to your email is to add a thumbnail linked to your video. The video won’t be playing on your email. However, once the recipients click on the thumbnail they will be sent straight to the link hosting your video. 

Thumbnail images can be still images from the video or a simple illustration about what your video will be about. One trick to make your recipients click on the image is to add a play button in the middle and make sure you hyperlink the image to your video.  In case you’re wondering how to actually create the graphic, you can use one of the scenes from your draft video in your online animation character creator and overlay a download button icon.