10 Mediums that You Can Use Text to Speech Online Tool For

It is important to mention that text to speech online is an assistive technology that was first invented mainly to help people with a reading disorder or visually impaired. This advanced technology works by taking words on a computer or other digital devices and converting them into audio.

Text to speech online is an automated tool that requires only uploading a textual file from your digital device. The rest of the process is done by text-to-speech tool's algorithms. Therefore, even though the process is complicated,  it only takes a couple of seconds to convert your text into conversational speech.

In our modern world, TTS technology became part and partial of every existing sector. It should be noted that throughout the years text-to-speech tools were a great help to almost all businesses around the world. However, to what extent can TTS technology help businesses?


10 Usages of Text to Speech Online Tool


Text to Speech for banking and finance:

With text to speech online you can literally improve the banking experience by providing good customer service to people who have difficulty in reading. To clarify, according to Harris Interactive, 89% of customers have decided to alter their loyalty towards certain companies because of the poor customer service experience they received.


Increase the engagement of social media agencies:  

Text to speech online is not only important for a website, but also for social media agencies. TTS makes it easier for the audience to consume and interact with digital content across multiple devices. Besides, it gives access to anyone who wants an easy way to browse digital content. 


Health care sector:

Text to speech online can be a great help in the health care sector. In other words, instead of text messages, you can enable voice messages to make it easier for elderly people to understand. This advanced technology can empower your business to always give better service.

Visual impairment Curriculum:

We all agree on the fact that learning styles differ from one to another. Some people learn by listening, and some others learn by reading. With text-to-speech tools, you can step into all these learners' worlds by creating content that meets the needs of all these groups.


People with learning or reading difficulties:

Online text to speech technology proved its usefulness for people with dyslexia or reading challenges. Text to voice tool helps people with such disorders to hear/listen to whatever they wish for without any problem.

Reading Enhancement for children in school:


Do you know that 15-20% of the children who live in the United States have a language-based learning disability? That is to say, you can convert your content from text to audio which then helps the young population to understand the text better and enhances their reading accessibility.


Advertising agencies:

With regard to advertising, reaching more customers on their preferred channels and by their preferred method is key. Online text to speech is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies utilized by advertising agencies to stay ahead of the game. 

Online shops:

Voice to speech using text readers attracts attention by developing the perfect tone to convey your message. This tool can generate higher customer conversions for any online shop.  Use different voices to keep the audience engaged and encourage them to take action, thereby increasing sales.


Help businesses break into new markets:

Why limit your business to domestic sales, while TTS gives you access to all markets? You can simply pinpoint the market you want or localize your video using the native language. You have the choice to advertise your video in whatever market possible immediately. Check here for more information.