How to Make Online Income with a Simple Streaming Software Program

Making an online income was never this easy because let’s face it; you’ve got to learn before you can earn. You’ve got to make the mistakes before you can gain the expertise. But here, you won’t need experience or the learning curve to make a video. Streamr offers a way to add subtitles to video, any video.

All you need to do is  get the Streamr software and you’re good to go. 


How do you make any video amazing? 

Suppose you had an existing video and you need to make it worth the watch for your viewers. Streamr allows you to translate, transcribe, create and add subtitles to video. 


The process is so simple that anyone without experience can do it within a day’s effort. You can even add male and female voiceovers in different accents and languages – how cool is that! This is because the application has an in-built advanced AI-powered voiceover technology that helps you gain full control of the voice you want to add to the video. This means you don’t need to spend money on a voiceover artist or anyone else to translate, transcribe and add subtitles for you. 


It’s really boring to watch a video and add subtitles for each frame and line. Watch how Streamr makes it easy to add subtitles to video

This video will show you how easy it is to add subtitles and other features to any existing video and make it look professional for your audience. Guess what! This software program comes at a one-time, affordable cost. That’s a great way to invest in a program that helps you recover the cost quickly as you make an income on online videos.