Types of Businesses That Make Use of Best Explainer Video Software

Living in 2021 means that the world gives more attention to how you carry your video marketing strategy rather than the actual product. Your video marketing campaign defines if your product is worth investing in or not. That is why it is crucial to pick the best explainer video software that will suit your business, more so, your message. 

Digital marketing terrain has definitely evolved in the past years ( and especially during the 2020 Corona pandemic). 40% of marketers have confirmed that content marketing is considered one of the important parts of the overall marketing strategy for different products.

Furthermore, it’s not surprising that almost all marketers who have used videos in their campaigns will continue to do so in the future. They have noticed quite an increase in traffic to their website and also with the ROI of online videos growing along with the amount of time people are spending watching them.

It’s even bigger than traffic conversion or ROI. Businesses that add animated explainer videos to their video marketing campaign profit much more in terms of the relationship with their audiences and exposure to other people. 

Relation Between Business and Explainer Videos

Why have videos become such a driving force for organic traffic? The best explainer video software introduces your company and product in a simple and straightforward way. The duration of animated explainer videos for business is advised to be less than 3 minutes. You can briefly explain what the product or service is about in a concise form. Viewers are all about honesty and clarity. That is why preparing videos with clear details about your motive is key. People are attracted to know what will the product/service be of use to them. They will click on your website in a matter of seconds.

Some of the famous businesses have adapted explainer videos in their video marketing campaign, and it was indeed a success. Mcdonald’s, for example, one of the largest food chains in the world contributed to World Car free day celebration. They used Animated videos to promote their Drive-Thru service and engage in this promotional campaign. 

Uber, a ride-hailing car technology company, used 2d Animation video in one of their campaigns: Uber Digital Rider “Snooze”. The simplicity of the animation video allows the audience to not be distracted when watching. Adding engaging elements such as the cat, the transitions and voiceover makes the video unique and fitting.  It communicates an emotional appeal.

A question might be asked in this situation and that is: will an animated explainer video fit the concept of my brand/business? And the answer is YES!

There are indeed different types of video content out there that fit certain small businesses or fit them all; graphic animation, cartoon animation, infographics, whiteboard explainer videos, live-action videos to name a few.

Some of these videos will work better for a certain type of campaign than other ones. In the education context, whiteboard explainer videos can work as a medium to introduce lectures, to accompany presentations, etc. On the other hand, live-action videos can only serve in advertising modules for example, or showcasing the different clubs within the school.

Businesses That Could Use Best Explainer Video Software as a Marketing Tool

1- Education and E-learning

The typical learning method used before is not allowing students to grasp information thoroughly. Both students and professors find it hard to keep up; Students will get bored after a few hours and professors can get stuck switching things up. They may as well not have the means or tools to diversify their learning methods. Students require different teaching styles to fully understand a lesson. 

Incorporating explainer videos in teaching curriculums will not only engage students in a dynamic aspect but will also help students who tend to be visual learners. Professors can introduce their lessons in a broader creative concept and therefore encourage students to expand their creative mindset. 

2- Consulting Domain

Different types of firms can profit from having the best explainer video software. Instead of articulating the values of your firm to newcomers, you can communicate them through explainer videos. It will only take a few minutes and their impact is perpetual. Your audience can remember your services if you use explainer videos rather than simple flyers or mere talk.

Yes, communication is key to solidify all aspects and answer uncommon questions. However, in the first encounter, it’s best to have the most common information in the form of a video. 

3-Computer Software and Internet Industry

Many computer software startups and small businesses tend to add animated explainer videos to their video marketing campaigns. Customers need to check what a certain software or service is able to do for them. This is because the process of advertising and selling is mainly done online. They need to make sure they know everything about the software; from its features, problems it will solve, added value in order to purchase it. 

To be able to introduce all these elements, marketers are leaning towards animated explainer videos where they can introduce their product in a fun but informative way. These types of videos connect with the audience and add a sense of attachment, especially if the product was portrayed with a storyline or a real-life experience.

4-Retail Industry

As with most industries, advertising is crucial. People are informed of services based on advertising methods. One of these methods is actually explainer videos. 

Retail markets present their product and services straight to their target consumers in an engaging format.

This will attract first-time buyers as well as secure loyal consumers. 

5- Finance

Finance jobs are known to be the most boring jobs in the world. Working in a bank and providing people with services related to their money can be quite emotionally exhausting. However, the job needs to be done regardless. 

This fast-paced industry requires persistent innovation and creativity. Well what does finance have to do with the explainer video, you may ask?

The finance industry can always add inventive aspects to how tasks should be performed. The goal of all financial companies is to make sure the customers are well aware and understand what you’re implying. They need to sense credibility in your work and motive. With the best explainer video software, you can convey your message in a structured but dependent way.

Fun elements are always a plus in these types of videos as you get to make the whole experience entertaining.  You can either add it to your website’s homepage, use it to advertise your company, or even switch your training programs from boring, old-school training techniques to fun engaging training videos. 

This brings us to the next point: Internal company training

6- Internal Company Training

Having a training program is critical for any company. It presents a major opportunity to expand employees’ knowledge base. However, since many employees find development programs expensive ( if not initiated by the company itself), and they also risk missing out on work time which may delay certain projects, it is best to think of other alternatives to enforce training in convenient ways. 

 The first days of work can be critical for newly appointed people. It involves sharing many important information and processes which tend to be forgotten if not saved/recorded. Humans have short attention spans, and so, focusing on many tasks tends to be quite difficult at the beginning of employment. 

Using the best explainer video software can improve employees' performance. It can serve as a guide or an index for employees.  They can rewatch training videos when they get stuck in a task.

7- The Healthcare Industry

You may wonder how the healthcare and medical industry can profit from the best explainer video software!

This industry can be very critical in transmitting authentic and correct information. How to deliver this information is also important as it needs to be concise and understood by many people. With the help of explainer videos, you will be able to simplify the complexity of certain notions and provide patients with clear ideas on the benefits of medical services.

Explainer videos are also used to bring brand awareness as well as educate patients on health problems and diseases.

It is inevitable for medical companies to focus on their brand development. The tradition was that most medical businesses have outdated websites that only contain huge text paragraphs and old images.  

By posting an explainer video on the main homepage, you can showcase different services and procedures as well as appeal to a larger audience. The latter is interested in innovative marketing strategies rather than the typical, old-school techniques. 

7- Nonprofit Organizations

Working in a nonprofit organization means that you have to attract a large number of people in order to contribute to your work. Nonprofits mainly help people, animals, environments in need. They are established through people’s donations and aids. 

Therefore, using explainer videos can help draw attention to people’s struggles, problems these organizations are trying to solve. They are bound to be shared by many people which tends to bring too much conversion to nonprofits’ websites.