Voicely Software: A Brand New Technology for Text to Speech

The approach to including speech synthesis in work fields has peaked in the last couple of decades. It is all due to its effective and significant result.

Text to speech functionality has become more demanded. It is considered the most qualitative way to approach a text.  It perfectly mimics the way humans utter speech. Text to voice can turn any digital content into a multimedia experience. Therefore, it can allow people to listen to news or blog posts, or eBooks on the go!

What is Text to Speech Exactly?

Text to speech is a computer system for transforming a written text into spoken text.

This technology is applied in the user interface industry and is heavily presented in the field of video games, public announcement systems, e-learning and so much more!

Why is Text to Speech Appealing to so many people?

Few studies found that text-to-speech technology helps middle school students to focus on the content rather than the act of reading. Specialists have found positive results when most students showed a better understanding of the course. 

The act of following a voice record of a text can improve word recognition. It also increases students' ability to pay attention to the text and remember valuable information.

People with vision loss or visual impairment have also been in need of a convenient method to grasp knowledge.

It is long overdue to create beneficial practices to help those in need. This is why we present you with Voicely software, a text to speech technology that has broken all boundaries. 

Voicely is an artificial intelligence software that converts text to speech with real human voices. 

The text reader only takes a few minutes to generate an audio version and then you’re good to go!  You can see for yourself

You can also create voiceovers for marketing purposes for YouTube, Marketing Videos, Educational Videos, advertisements, etc.


Now Let’s dive into Voicely Features

 Voicely has created multiple features in one spot to help people have a smooth and user-friendly experience.

  • You can select voices and accents from a plethora of +60 languages and more than 500 voices! Pretty cool right!
  • You can add background music to give your voiceover that extra flavor!
  • Control the speed, volume, and pitch of your voice. The whole shebang!