Vidtoon 2.1 Is LIVE - Inside Look at New Features

Vidtoon 2.1 is finally here! Vidtoon 2.0 has received much success and was named Clickbank’s number 1 video editing software. It was only fitting to work on adding more features based on customers’ suggestions and adapting to present-day video editing requirements.

It may have been quite some time working on launching this next phase of Vidtoon software, but it was important to perfect all aspects and make sure existing features are working alongside new ones. 

This blog post will dive deeper into each feature and what you can expect from it. 

Vidtoon 2.1: Adding Videos

Vidtoon is an animation video maker, with every option to create your own video from start to finish. With pre-created resources like animated characters, background images, selected soundtracks, and access to unlimited stock images and icons, you can create any type of video without having to have a tech skill or background in video editing. 


However, one element that was missing in Vidtoon 2.0 which has had many customers suggest and request is supporting adding videos to the software. Having all mentioned resources was a great start for people to embark on their video journey, however, adding videos will allow more people to customize their projects even more and be open to a whole new spectrum of video editing. 

Therefore, Vidtoon 2.1 can now support importing videos and working around them to bring a more engaging and active approach to animated videos. 

Vidtoon 2.1: Pixabay videos

If you’re not keen on importing and using your own videos in Vidtoon, you can use Pixabay videos to help you finalize your project. These videos are commercial-free and can be downloaded straight to your project. To search for videos, you can use the search bar and type any keyword that corresponds to what you’re looking for.

You can also choose whether to download Pixabay videos in high or low quality. From landscape and animal videos to business-related scenes or cartoons, you will be able to find what you’re looking for by using different keywords.

Vidtoon 2.1: Split and Cut videos

Now that Vidtoon 2.1 supports adding videos, it’s a no-brainer that video editing tools should be added as well in order to maximize its usage. Out of the different video editing tools in the market, the two most requested ones are split and cut videos. 

Split Videos

Do you have long videos you want to split into two ( or more)? You can use the timeline cursor to indicate in which scene you would like to split and use the cut button. Easy and straight to the point.

Cut Videos

Do you want to get rid of an entire scene without having to sacrifice the rest of your video? Vidtoon 2.1 has a new timeline cursor design that can help you identify and highlight your unwanted scene. With a single click, the scene will be deleted. You don’t have to reattach the two video parts again as it’s done so manually. 


Vidtoon 2.1: Change Transition colors

Transition effects were a great addition to Vidtoon 2.0 features to use in order to keep viewers engaged and make two different scenes look polished and cohesive. Choosing the right transition for your projects is as important as choosing your resources as it’s part of the whole video editing concept. 

With Vidtoon 2.1, you’re able to change the colors of these transitions without compromising on your overall video aesthetic. Instead of being limited to three colors for all transitions, you’re able to choose every single color for every transition aspect according to your preference. 

Vidtoon 2.1: Add Transitions to Timeline

Transitions in Vidtoon 2.0 were limited between scenes only. But the potential they hold to make any change from one scene to another or simply transitioning from one element to another is far greater. This is why Vidtoon 2.1 comes with this new addition: Adding transition effects to the timeline. 

This step will allow Vidtoon users to drag any effect they like and use it anywhere they want. You can even use it to transition from one character to another.

Vidtoon 2.1: Importing Your Own Fonts

Almost every project or a design calls for adding text materials. Due to increased demand, we have added the option to import new/personal fonts. You can discover and download new fonts in an easy, straightforward manner. 

It’s important to note that you need to have the fonts already downloaded to your device in order to successfully import them to Vidtoon.

Vidtoon 2.1: NEW-IN the Timeline

Vidtoon timeline, where all the editing comes to life, has few changes! From adding a master scene, the ability to add more tracks, to customizing the way the timeline appears.

Master Scene

You can add multiple scenes in Vidtoon and create different stories on each one of them. Using a transition effect will help you merge these scenes in a more stylistic way. But one thing is having a few elements that need to be added to the whole video, and being limited with each scene can be cumbersome. 

This is why the master scene was created to house any element that needs to be visible in the whole video without having to add it to each scene. Some of these elements can be the soundtrack, logo, or main animated character…

Add-remove extra timeline tracks

Vidtoon has 3 timeline tracks for each option: background images, characters, music, text to speech, texts… With creating heavy projects, 3 tracks may seem unproductive. With the new update, you get to choose how many tracks you want in your timeline based on your content. Simple process: click on the timeline track and a new one is added. 


Zoom In your Timeline ( or Out )

Editing is usually marked by how smooth the timeline is and how effective it is to navigate through it. Being able to change the timeline layout will result in clean transitions between video elements. You can use the slider to choose how the timeline should appear. 

Customize Duration

Another aspect of the timeline is that you can now customize the duration of your project and therefore your timeline by a simple double click gesture instead of having to click on the plus button all the time. 

Vidtoon 2.1: Scene Alignement 

Aligning objects on a scene helps you quickly choose where your elements should be placed and what layout you should adapt for your design. You can easily line up your elements and space them out in your scene.

To do so, align all resources by sliding a horizontal or vertical line from both scene sides and place as many of them as needed. Once done editing your project, a simple click on the view icon will hide them all and you can preview your work easily.