Top 5 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Video is Best for Startups

Young Entrepreneurs face challenges and get easily overwhelmed when it comes to creating the perfect marketing strategy for their startup. Most of them believe that animated explainer video strategy can't express the value of their product. They need to learn a lot of techniques, take necessary decisions and consider a whole discussion on scaling their startup.

Newly founded startups face strong competition and critical marketing negligence. Few startups believe they can ignore prioritizing marketing and sales resources and hope that word of mouth will be enough. They might think that sales will grow in an organic way and therefore there won’t be any need to invest in effective marketing tools.

One of the techniques that can help emerging startups create their marketing strategy and appeal to the public is through Animated explainer videos. 

Animated explainer videos are now the new norm in Social marketing strategies. More than 49% of global marketers are using these types of videos. That is a pretty big number if you consider how this market was perceived 7 years ago. 

Animated Explainer video for Business

Why Startups should include animated videos for business in their campaigns? 

Well,  you may have your own small business with a good selling point, however, you might not afford to attribute a budget for marketing campaigns. Most of your large competitors have also started as startups and made their way up. It’s all about how you walk the walk!

Animated video production is powerful for sharing your successful business stories and motives with your customers. You should include the relatable side of your business, and demonstrate the highly complex ideas in a simple way using animated corporate videos. According to a video marketing survey in 2020 by Wyzowl, 92% of marketers who use animated explainer videos say that it’s the most engaging part of their marketing strategy. (Up from 91% in 2019, 85% in 2018, 82% in 2017, 88% in 2016 and 78% in 2015.)

Here are five reasons why young entrepreneurs and startup founders need to include animated explainer videos in their marketing campaigns. 

Why you should adopt an Animated explainer video in your startup!

1- It’s cheap to use

How convenient!

 Well, in their early stages, startup companies have little to no revenues. Young motivated entrepreneurs need to develop ideas, test their products, and market them. This takes considerable money. Therefore, most startups invest in animated explainer video software that can do the job with little money. You can find countless animated video softwares out there. You just need to invest in the most cost-effective one.

2- Easy to learn

Most Animated explainer video software is easy to manage. Since they come with step-by-step tutorial videos, you can easily create your own animated video from the get-go!

The beauty of an animated explainer video is that you can basically control every aspect of your scene. All you need to have ready is a message or motive on why you have developed your product, a clear idea of your targeted customers, and a storyline to give your explainer video your own look and feel to it. 

 Most animated explainer videos provide you with all resources from scenery, characters, colors, music, transitions, and more. it’s all up to you!

you can just edit and refine an animated video until it’s just right for you, unlike other video types where you are required to reshoot if you want to tweak a few scenes.

3- Animated Explainer videos can get to the point!

Animated explainer videos are one of the most versatile media types available in terms of advertising your product. They can adapt to every business’s marketing package.

You can create a Home- Page explainer video to explain to the new customers what your service does since most people skip any reading formats. You can also create a landing-page sales video where you explain how your product can help potential customers. Promotional videos can help get people​ sold on your product​ and sign-up​ for it. Moreover, Thank you videos can create emotional engagement and therefore are likely to go viral, and much more!

4- Animated videos to brand your product

You can brand your product by having certain animated characters in your promotional videos.

Not only do they hold the viewer’s attention, but they help potential buyers remember your products and service. Explainer Videos keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds.

Attract people with a 30 seconds explainer video and show them what your product is all about. Most people are driven by visuals and attract information based on movement, sound, and color. They are likely to understand your concept/product through an animated corporate video and engage with it rather than reading a lengthy description or document. 

5- It’s fun!

While all the reasons we have established so far are important, there is also the aspect of fun in the mix. An animated explainer video process is fun for both you and your customers. 

You can’t deny that working with animated characters, different scenes, images, music brings joy to the process. Animated explainer videos are entertaining and amusing, especially if they hold a joke or elements of playfulness to them. 

How awesome would it be to have this as your daily job! 

Animated explainer videos can be fun for your customers as well. People by nature consume a considerable amount of video content by watching TV or browsing the internet. So why not make the viewing experience refreshing and cheerful.