4 Reasons to Use Video Transcriptions For Your Online Marketing Strategy

Video transcription is the process of converting the audio in your video to text using either automatic speech recognition technology, human transcriptionists, or a combination of both. Your videos will rely solely on audiovisual material to convey information if you don't use video transcription.

Transcribing a video does not have to be difficult. In fact, you can use transcription to improve your marketing strategy and your SEO. At the same time, you can maintain strong Google search rankings with simple processes. Video transcription can help you implement the best SEO practices, from link building to lower bounce rates.

When you start optimizing for search, you'll notice a variety of advantages. After all, more traffic should result in more leads, and more leads will result in more sales, which will result in more revenue. Transcribing videos is a strategy that you should implement whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert in search marketing.

Customers are certainly watching a lot of videos, and if you're not using videos as part of your strategy, you should consider using them. The average person watches over an hour and a half of online video content per day. In fact, video is now used by 81 percent of businesses as a marketing feature because it is essential in this day and age.

We crave interaction with our content as consumers. We want something engaging, whether it's audio or video. That's because, no matter where we go, we're constantly getting advertisements and other forms of marketing (Internet or not). When it comes to interacting with a brand, we now have to be very picky.

That's why you need content that will stand out and give value to your audience. Video can indeed provide that value. Since we know how important video is, what about transcription videos? In fact, providing a transcript for a video, will immediately increase engagement and reach a larger audience. We want to get to the point quickly because we consume content quickly.  However, videos can take time to tell a story.

Customers can use transcripts to follow along or quickly extract the most significant points. It also makes content sharing simple. But, most importantly, video transcription and closed captions should be used to provide the same value to those with hearing impairments. That's why transcripts are a simple way to expand the reach of your video content: you're reaching out to people who wouldn't normally engage with a basic video.

This article will bring up the main beneficiaries from video transcriptions, as well as the marketing advantages of this feature.

What Communication Mediums Benefit from Video Transcriptions?

Here are some content and communication mediums where transcription videos are mainly considered: 

Live Talks

It's essential in today's world that your promotional materials, website, video conferences, and other communication tools are as accessible as possible.

You can also ensure that those who are deaf or unable to attend meetings due to disabilities can still participate by transcribing your live events and conferences. However, accessibility isn't just for people with disabilities.

Video or audio conferences can be awkward because of poor Internet access due to location or provider. That may end up causing participants to miss important information. The transcription can fill in the gaps and allow everyone to be on the same page.

Video transcription also makes information more accessible by allowing employees and customers who were unable to attend the initial meeting to review what was said. In addition, those who don't have time to read the entire transcript can find the segments that match their interests. It is achievable by simply typing a specific keyword.

Commercial Advertisements and TV Presentations

TV commercials are a powerful tool to engage with your end consumers. It’s one of the key advantages of reaching and capturing your targeted clients. It's fairly simple to transcribe advertisements, informative programs, and video messaging because the goal is to transmit the right message with the right meaning and content.

Whether it's a voice-over, a debate, or a simple conversation between two people, adverts help you get your point across effectively. If you work in marketing, you are aware that the words you use can be considered powerful communication weapons. Businesses all across the world spend a lot of money trying to create successful campaign efforts.

By reviewing the results, we can acknowledge that it's money well spent. In today's dynamic environment, advertisers will take the information seriously in order to stay on top of their game.

As a matter of fact, the use of video transcription is a very effective communication strategy. Advertisements are one of the most common media content to be transcribed for various users, considering how captivating and conventional they are for the viewers.


Transcribing your podcast can be beneficial to you and those who are joining you on your podcasting journey. While certain benefits are exclusive to the podcaster, such as increased traffic and downloads, many of the advantages also affect the audience providing them with a backup medium to follow along with your podcast. 

Therefore, this can hugely help podcasters build their audience while also taking advantage of video transcription for their content creation process.

The Importance of Video Transcription Accuracy for your Marketing Strategy

We've learned that in order to stay competitive, businesses must embrace successful strategies for video marketing. Video accounts for more than 70% of all consumer internet traffic. With a number like that, there's no denying that your content should be made into a video format. Marketers are also well aware of this fact. 64% of marketers believe video will be the most important tool in their digital strategies in the future if it isn't already.

While video transcription is a useful tool for every marketer, it is not necessary to actually transcribe the work manually. Transcribing has come a long way thanks to artificial intelligence, and the processes have become significantly easier with the use of transcription software, as you can find out here.

Increase Search Traffic

When it comes to SEO, rankings and traffic go hand in hand. When one rises, the other usually follows, and vice versa. As a result, if video transcription helps with rankings, it will also help with traffic. The closer your main keywords are ranked higher in rank engines, the more traffic, and interactions they generate for your landing page and content.

The reason is straightforward: most people don't go past the first page of Google. They usually just re-word the search query if they don't find what they’re searching for on the first page. That's why it's critical to rank in the top 10 results for your most crucial keywords. A higher ranking will result in more traffic, and higher traffic will drive higher ranks.

Lower Bounce Rates

Since adding video transcription to your website will increase engagement and broaden your audience, it should come as no surprise that your bounce rates will drop and the average time on page will rise.

Customers can absorb more content thanks to video transcription. If a visitor lands on a page with only a video and is unable to hear the audio, they will leave. Some users prefer to consume content in a quiet environment. Therefore, a video transcription, in this case, is needed. When your audience watches a transcribed video, they can stay focused for longer and spend more time on your site. This will immediately lower your bounce rate, as a result.

Link Building Opportunities

Link building can be challenging. Internal linking to your own content is important for SEO as well as seeking external sites to link back to your website. For any business trying to build links, video transcription can be a great asset.

A video transcription software allows you to link to other relevant content on your site for internal linking. If your video is on product features, for example, you may link to a specific product page on your website. As you construct these links, you'll begin to build a web page where your customers can effortlessly browse from one subject to the next by just clicking through your content.


In terms of external links, research was done a few years ago to see what types of content people linked to the most. The results show that content that included videos, images, and lists earned 70% more links than those that only included images and lists!

This suggests that other websites are striving to publish the most visually appealing videos possible while attempting to rank higher. Indeed, you can increase your chances of gaining external links by including video transcriptions.

Video transcription makes it easy for users to decide whether or not to share your video. It will be a simple decision if your video was well produced and relevant to your industry.

Speed up your Content Creation Process

Transcripts have the benefit of being able to produce a lot of derivative content! Content marketing has fairly risen with the popularity of SEO. The assumption that creating informative content is the way to get on top of search results has been important too.

Video transcription can give content marketers the start of many creative works that can boost your site's search visibility.

Consider a webinar for example. A business recording, when transcribed, can provide not just long-form transcription material, but also case studies, support documents, and infographics. These can all widely improve your SEO as a result. Video transcription is an excellent tool to start when building a solid SEO-friendly content marketing strategy.